Holistic Wealth Management

Holistic Wealth Management is an integrated and coordinated approach to all areas of Wealth Management.  At Vantedge, our advisors create a collaborative environment with clients to find common sense, easy-to-comprehend approaches to their personal finances. Why not start building your personalized plan, today?

Each area of wealth management is unique, with specific planning tools and strategies.  The overall success of your wealth management is enhanced by looking at each planning area independently and coordinating them into one integrated plan. Click on the areas below to understand how we work with you.


Business Owner Planning

  • Wealth Management Integration
  • Retirement Plan Design
  • Valuation and Enhancement
  • Succession & Exit Planning

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Financial Planning

  • Financial Goal Setting
  • Financial Statements
  • Foundation Plan Creation
  • Financial Strategy Modeling

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Investment Planning

  • Define and Document Portfolio Objectives
  • Accumulation and Withdrawal Phase
  • Risk-Managed Portfolios
  • Tax Efficient Portfolios

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Retirement Income Planning

  • Income Plan Design
  • Risk Control and Mitigation
  • Tax Optimized Planning
  • Integrated Guardrail Management

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Estate Planning

  • Asset Protection
  • Design and Implementation
  • Legacy Plan
  • Advanced and Charitable Strategies

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Tax Planning

  • Tax-Plan Second Opinion
  • Tax-Efficient Investing
  • Planned Asset Sales
  • Roth Conversions

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Why Holistic Wealth Management

Financial complexity increases considerably as your wealth grows. You are at the center of your plan, coordinating professionals focused on tax, protection, investments, insurance, distribution, and the eventual distribution of your estate. Without coordination, each planning area competes for priority, resources, and focus. We work closely with you in the center to keep your planning focused on what’s important to you and your goals.