Business Owner Planning

As a business owner, you face a unique set of risks and opportunities. Decisions to grow, protect, and comply with regulations occur frequently. Time is a precious commodity, making it imperative to collaborate with tax, legal, and financial partners to help uncover planning blind spots and integrate impactful processes and solutions. Vantedge Wealth Management has over 20 years of experience bringing significant value to business owners like you. Whether as part of an advisory team or through individualized attention, we remain steadfast in our commitment to your success.


Businesses tend to cycle between phases of growth, during which resources are reinvested in the enterprise, and phases of reaping rewards from that growth. Studies have shown that a privately held business is a significant percentage of the owner’s net worth. Since a private business is typically illiquid, liquid resources can have different priorities. The process of seamlessly integrating the business into a comprehensive wealth plan calls for a financial partner well-versed in the intricacies of business ownership and the multifaceted challenges that often arise. Furthermore, establishing benchmark valuations and crafting a realistic succession or exit plan timeline can provide a broader perspective that centers on you and your family’s long-term financial objectives.


Retirement plans are a valuable benefit to attract and retain key talent. Therefore, your plan’s design should be well thought out, considering your goals and succession plan. A retirement plan has to be competitive in structure, but as your business develops and becomes profitable, plan design becomes very important. Because retirement plans can create a significant benefit and potential liability, the plan design and use of profit sharing, deferred compensation, cash balance plans, or defined benefit plans must fit within your time horizon and succession plan.


Knowing the value of your company is very important for your wealth plan. Valuations provide benchmarking to track the impact of implemented strategies and planning. Successful strategies are measurable. Vantedge works closely with valuation analysts and value enhancement specialists to assist you in benchmarking and implementing strategies to achieve your business and personal financial goals.


Studies suggest that 75% of business owners have regrets after the sale of their business due to two reasons: they were not personally ready to sell, and they were dissatisfied with the price or terms received. Proper and early planning is the key to success. All business owners will exit their business either voluntarily or involuntarily. We believe that exit planning is good business planning, and a successful business owner wealth plan includes an exit or succession plan. Vantedge has over 20 years of experience working with business owners to create and implement effective strategies to transfer to inside buyers (family and key employees) and outside buyers (3rd party).

WealthPlan 360
Our process is ongoing, comprised of incremental achievements, and focused on outcomes.  As your life unfolds, your plan must adjust with it. WealthPlan 360 keeps you organized, on track and ready to make smart financial decisions.

Holistic Wealth Management

Holistic Wealth Management is an integrated and coordinated approach to all areas of Wealth Management.  At Vantedge Wealth, our advisors create a collaborative environment with clients to find common sense, easy-to-comprehend approaches to their personal finances.