Retirement Income Planning

Retirement income planning is one of the most critical financial planning areas you will face in your lifetime. With generational changes in life expectancies, fluctuating economic conditions, and technological advancements, even highly complex planning can be simplified. We utilize best-in-class design, modeling, portfolios, and technology to create a well-defined process and ongoing management of your retirement income plan that seamlessly integrates all facets of wealth management.


The income plan design models and analyzes withdrawal strategies and tests them against past periods of economic stress. A deep understanding of how your plan would have performed during the Great Depression, periods of Stagflation, the Great Recession, and other instances creates an awareness of how your plan will perform under times of stress. Next, we model retirement income changes that would have been recommended during these periods to determine two very important understandings. The first is the impact on your retirement plan if you would have retired during the start of a time of stress. The second is how we would work together during these periods to preserve your future financial life.


Integrating risk management into your retirement income plan is essential. Our process includes several techniques and an ongoing management process to avoid risks that can negatively impact your plan. Risk management is a key part of the retirement income and investment plan. We start by determining what needs to happen for your plan to succeed, then detail the risks that stand in your way. By separating these risks into what can and cannot be controlled, we can develop a prudent plan to manage the risks we can control and mitigate the risks we cannot. Time horizon segmentation can protect a plan from early negative market returns. Limiting your drawdown exposure can protect assets from deep declines resulting in reduced income. Monitoring your plan with upper and lower guardrails based on asset levels can provide adjustment recommendations designed to maintain the longevity of your plan.


Taxes are one of the most significant expenses in your retirement income plan and tax optimization can significantly benefit you and your family. Analyzing the impact of taxes throughout your retirement plan is crucial to making prudent financial decisions today. Our plans model and develop strategies for five major tax impacts. Each plan addresses these questions: What is the tax efficiency of your non-qualified assets? What is the impact of rising required minimum distributions? How is the taxation of social security impacted? How are Medicare premiums impacted? How would Roth conversions impact your plan?


Guardrails are optimized levels of your liquid assets that would result in a recommended increase or decrease in distribution amount. They are integrated into your retirement income plan and provide valuable insights and planning triggers. The upper guardrail permits the increase of income distributions if desired. The lower guardrail provides a pre-determined level that the portfolio must drop to that would create an income decrease recommendation. Knowing this level reduces surprises and clarifies risk management recommendations and decisions.

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