Our Process

Our planning process, WealthPlan 360, is focused on your unique goals, needs, and aspirations. It follows a clear and consistent process that coordinates the six wealth management areas: Financial Planning, Investment Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement Income
Planning, Estate Planning, and Business Owner planning. 

Our process is ongoing, comprised of incremental achievements, and focused on outcomes.  As your life unfolds, your plan must adjust with it. WealthPlan 360 keeps you organized, on track and ready to make smart financial decisions.


Focus & Clarity

We start our planning process with you in the center

Getting to know you, your unique situation, and what matters most to you is always our starting point and the most essential part of our process. Our process is focused on you, your goals, and your time frame.


Create your Foundation Financial Plan

Understanding your current situation begins with organizing your assets with a balance sheet, your cash flow with an income statement, and your desires by documenting your financial goals. This creates your “Foundation Financial Plan”, which provides the foundation of wealth management success.



Clarify current planning gaps and opportunities

Reviewing and forecasting your Foundation Financial Plan against your financial goals provides critical insights into your current situation’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. We use this assessment to uncover current planning gaps and opportunities.


Understand the risks to success and the options available

Risk identification, prioritization, mitigation, and alignment are crucial steps. Some risks can impact plan success more than others and are specific to your situation.


Review potential strategies and their impact on your plan

Strategy options, design, and an illustration of their effect on your plan and financial success are crucial to making good decisions.



Create an action plan toward financial success

The best-made plans are only useful when taking action towards them. We document, prioritize, and timeline your chosen planning strategy and guide you through the process.


Provide a process for monitoring and adjusting your plan

We will continue to monitor your plan, adjust where needed, and adapt to the changing land- scape ahead. As life changes occur, our planning process stays stable and keeps you on track.


Professional Wealth Management offers a Coordinated and Consistent Process

At Vantedge Wealth, we have a comprehensive process for managing all six areas of wealth management – WealthPlan 360. Our coordinated approach creates a planning environment that allows your wealth management plan to build on itself while involving you and your key advisors to create a single, effective core plan. For example, investment planning evolves as you move from accumulation to distribution phases of life. Tax planning is integrated into all aspects of wealth management and has specific planning areas within each area. Estate planning also evolves as your family expands and your overall wealth increases. Retirement Income Planning is a unique area that focuses on you and coordinates your planning areas, considering the distribution, tax, and risk management processes involved. Business owners have additional complexities, including a new layer of coordination of tax and liquidity planning.

A consistent and coordinated process with an experienced and knowledgeable partner is the key to long-term success. 

Holistic Wealth Management

Holistic Wealth Management is an integrated and coordinated approach to all areas of Wealth Management.  At Vantedge Wealth, our advisors create a collaborative environment with clients to find common sense, easy-to-comprehend approaches to their personal finances.