Estate planning encompasses not only the safeguarding and management of your wealth while you are alive but also the formulation of thoughtful distribution strategies for when you are no longer with us. While many tend to view estate planning primarily as a way to benefit others, it is equally essential to recognize the advantages it offers you during your lifetime. Our approach places you and your needs at the forefront of everything we do by crafting and executing a comprehensive plan that ensures the protection and welfare of your loved ones and those you wish to leave a lasting impact on.


The financial structure in the United States provides wealth growth and financial security limited only by your dreams, hard work, opportunities, and smart planning. Asset protection includes anticipating potential events that could put your assets and financial freedom at risk. These include lawsuits, accidents, disability, premature death, and incapacity. Planning in this area starts with a balance sheet, goals, growth, and answering critical what-if questions. Each situation is unique, especially for business owners whose responsibilities are significantly increased.


We partner closely with estate and business attorneys for advanced planning, implementation, and specialty planning. Simplifying the estate planning process removes the cost and complexity hurdle that keeps many people from completing their planning.


An effective legacy plan is intentional. Having assets subject to probate, illiquidity, taxes, and unclear valuations creates complications that can be better managed with planning. Financial and retirement income planning creates a forecasted legacy or net worth at the plan’s end. A legacy plan considers decreasing taxes, determines the distribution and control of assets, creates privacy, protects illiquid assets, can create liquidity, and can determine purposeful valuations for complicated assets like privately owned businesses.


Leveraging the talents of a guide with experience and knowledge in advanced and charitable strategies is crucial for knowing how to provide benefits during life and after. Highly personalized strategies are designed to protect your assets, reduce taxes, increase income, and increase legacies. Our advanced planning division includes a tenured and credentialed team of wealth managers, attorneys, CPAs, and specialists available to design and model potential strategies to determine the benefits for you and your family.

WealthPlan 360
Our process is ongoing, comprised of incremental achievements, and focused on outcomes.  As your life unfolds, your plan must adjust with it. WealthPlan 360 keeps you organized, on track and ready to make smart financial decisions.

Holistic Wealth Management

Holistic Wealth Management is an integrated and coordinated approach to all areas of Wealth Management.  At Vantedge Wealth, our advisors create a collaborative environment with clients to find common sense, easy-to-comprehend approaches to their personal finances.