Comprehensively Managing Wealth Through Retirement

Custom built wealth management plans that extend beyond the basics.


A comprehensive financial plan offers more control and helps organize complex financial situations. At Vantedge, our advisors create a collaborative environment with clients to find common sense, easy to comprehend approaches to their personal finances. Why not start building your personalized plan, today?

Financial Planning

Every financial decision you make today affects your future financial life, so why not make good ones? It’s time to get a real, meaningful financial plan. When you have clearly defined goals and a path to pursuing them, it gives you confidence, which leads to better financial decisions. Vantedge Wealth Management is ready to help you create your financial plan and coordinate the many important, integrated parts. Read More

Retirement Planning

Vantedge’s wealth managers don’t just build plans for retirement, because retirement in and of itself is not an endpoint. We build plans throughout your retirement. From modeling cash flows to testing your probabilities of success under different scenarios to consistently evaluating your risk profile, retirement planning with Vantedge Wealth Management will help you pursue the retirement you deserve.

Investment Management

Our investment management approach utilizes different strategies based on your individual goals. There are four main phases; accumulating, pre-withdrawals, withdrawals, and preservation. An effective plan utilizes portfolio management that is specific to the phase of life you’re in and is not limited by proprietary models. Vantedge Wealth Management is always focused on you, our client.

Estate & Philanthropic Planning

An integral part of a complete financial plan includes coordinating your estate and philanthropic planning. Our team can help you prepare to see an estate planning attorney by modeling and analyzing different strategies and techniques before drafting your final documents. Once that’s done we brief you and prepare you to have an informed conversation.

Insurance & Protection Planning

A well-rounded financial plan includes asset and income protection. At Vantedge Wealth Management, we sort through the vast landscape of insurance companies and products and help bring clarity to you and your plan. Whether your goal is to grow or maintain your wealth, you should always have a plan to protect it.